We are Decentrala - a group of enthusiasts gathered around the idea of decentralization and knowledge sharing. Here are some more facts about us:

All our workshops are free and open to everyone. Also, if you have something to share, feel free to announce the event on the Forum.
From time to time we organize actions, hackathons, crypto parties, exhibitions, etc.
Our servers run various services (like e-mail, git, wiki, etc...) that are open to everyone.
Decentrala accepts donations exclusively from persons and without any obligations. We are independent and we try to keep it that way. You can donate old hardware (laptops, phones, PC components) to us, and we will find a use for it in Decentrala or give it to people who need it. Also, you can donate bitcoin and monero by sending to the following addresses:

Bitcoin: bc1qjhsfgq79wuzzv32yml9zglwzf9qcwfj3atuy74

Monero: 8BESz45LnxrgCwZP32KieiN1D4LinCfsS1YjdFHfGXrVCmPs35167QsW1gd7qbff4UAtBbT6oWrkbfZnJm71HornVRiRZFS

If you are still interested, you can create an account on our server which will enable the use of all our services. If you want to see first how it all looks, you can come to one of our event, and meet us there!